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Goodbye to Our Sacred Peacekeeper


This year we lost Riley, our wolf dog. Riley was the definition of what Headwaters is. He was wild, but not too wild. He was loyal. He loved all dogs and people. He was a peacemaker. He was beautiful and mysterious. Riley brought true, raw spirit to our land and camp. He protected and cared for Julie, and lived with her after Bear died. He was a sacred friend.

Thoughts for 2014 from Tim

Portrait of Tim and Tank

Tim shares his goodbye to Tank and thoughts for the New Year.

2013 Newsletter

Picture of Tepee and Mt Eddie

A fun, abundant year is how to describe this past season. We had our biggest year ever with lots of new people coming home to nature. We started the year off with a great winter class and ended the summer with our biggest and most powerful Earth Philosophies that we can remember.


It's a difficult time for our planet. We're not sure what to do or how. We often wait for a hero to show up and save the day. Look at you're reflection in a pool of water. There you'll find the hero. The time is now. Your time is now. The planet needs you. We wait and wait for help to come and all along it's been right in front of us. It's us, the humans. All that needs to be done is within us. We have what we need.

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Tim Corcoran Photography

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Apprentice at Headwaters