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Win a Class at Headwaters

Calling all artists and not so arty artists. We are asking for submissions for 2 t-shirt designs for the school. The t-shirts are way for us to fund our 501(c)(3) non-profit – The Walker/Hupp Fund through Upper Reaches.

The first is NATURE MATTERS. For those who have spent time at Headwaters you know that Tim is an earth caretaker and his message has been and will always be “nature matters.” Let’s memorialize that on t-shirts for friends, family and strangers to see.

Tim's thoughts on 2015 and 2016

Tim & Jackson

2016 is going to be a wonderful year at Headwaters Outdoor School. I feel it in my bones. I’m very excited and happy to create this coming year. I’m also excited to see how it creates me. This journey will be fully lived. I have much gratitude for the past year 2015, and I am looking forward with gratitude for what is to come. The joy of the mystery, the unknown is so wonderful to look forward to. Good, bad or ugly, it will be an adventure, and I love Adventure.

New Foraging Classes

Wild Edible Plant Class - Forage, Feast and Folklore

Taking two full days we will transform the bounty of the land into little known textures, flavors and culinary delights. Try your first taste of pilafs flavored with pine pollen and wild greens, or puddings thickened with cattail starch.

New Headwaters Scrapbook

Picture of Tim Corcoran with hands spread on top of a mountain

Headwaters' new scrapbook celebrates the past and the present with photographs. Come check them out and see if you can spot yourself in one of our many awesome photos.

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Tim Corcoran Photography

Tim Corcoran Photography

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Apprentice at Headwaters

Apprentice at Headwaters