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It has been said there are no more frontiers to conquer, no more Wild West places for young men to test their strength and courage other than war or the military, no more exotic places to explore.

They are wrong!

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I Live Here

Headwaters Land

I live here where the water runs clear and I can drink from the earth with no vessel between it and my lips.
I live here with the pack, and I am watched over.
I live here where I help grow and raise what I eat, where I physically participate in living my life.
I live here with the honey bees, and sacred gardens and the towering trees.
I live here where smell is welcomed and nothing is avoided through a mask.
I live here where the blue sky is really blue, and green has far more shades than I can count.

Spiral Galaxies

Image of a spiral galaxy

The Milky Way fashioned us to feel its own grandeur!

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New Headwaters Scrapbook

Picture of Tim Corcoran with hands spread on top of a mountain

Headwaters' new scrapbook celebrates the past and the present with photographs. Come check them out and see if you can spot yourself in one of our many awesome photos.

Thoughts for 2014 from Tim

Portrait of Tim and Tank

Tim shares his goodbye to Tank and thoughts for the New Year.

2013 Newsletter

Picture of Tepee and Mt Eddie

A fun, abundant year is how to describe this past season. We had our biggest year ever with lots of new people coming home to nature. We started the year off with a great winter class and ended the summer with our biggest and most powerful Earth Philosophies that we can remember.

Go to the Woods, by Tim Corcoran

Old Growth Forest, Santa Cruz, California

Go to the woods
Sit by a tree.
Climb the tree.
See the land as the tree see's it ...

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast

Photo of book cover

As a young child, Tim Corcoran developed a deep connection to the land and sea throughout California's central coast. The central coast was his playground. At the age of twelve, he conceived the idea of an art book that would celebrate and give thanks to the region that was such an important source of his inspiration.

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast is the realization of this idea - a realization of a dream. Tim hopes that it will inspire others to seek out the the beauty in the regions that they live, so that they, too, will be inspired to protect and save the land.

We Remember

At Headwaters we remember how we humans were meant to live with; fun, art, friends, community, nature, purpose greater than ourselves, good working brain, creativity, healthy food, dogs, hard physical work, clean water, being heard, spirituality-no dogma-just feeling it, campfires, birds, squirrels, animals everywhere, tree sitting and climbing, elders, teaching, Mt. Shasta, creeks, flowers and so much more.

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