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At Headwaters Outdoor School we teach skills Earth People have used throughout time to survive in kinship with the Earth. Our classes are held in areas chosen for their abundance of wildlife, creeks, meadows, forests and spectacular views.

Class locations include the Marble Mountain Wilderness, the Mount Shasta area and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Classes are intensive and we suggest you arrive prepared to immerse yourself fully. Beginners as well as experienced students are welcome in all classes. Our class sizes are small to insure that the individual needs of each student are met.

If this sounds like the school for you, please come and join us.

Students and apprentices are highly encouraged to read Tim's autobiography, Growing Up with a Soul Full of Nature. Much of Tim's teachings come from his experiences during the formative years of his life.

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Tim Corcoran Photography

Tim Corcoran Photography

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Apprentice at Headwaters

Apprentice at Headwaters