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The Wandering Quest-ion

Follow Your Inner Compass

For eons our ancestors lived in a close, loving and balanced relationship with Earth Mother. She has guided and taught her children the sacred skills of survival, awareness and spirit.

Come join us in the beautiful embrace of Mt. Shasta on a personal journey of discovery. In this unique weekend class, you will learn to use the art of wandering in the purity of nature to quest for answers, deeper meanings and direction on your life path.

In this experiential class, you will integrate Self Awareness Techniques as your inner compass to guide yourself along the Path of the Wanderer. These tools will deepen your sense of knowing and trust as you connect more fully to your Essential Self and Nature.

In beauty may you walk and wander allowing the overflowing bounty of nature to touch the purity of your heart
Unlimited gifts will be given ... to those who ask, surrender and listen.

October 19th - 21st


Cost includes all meals and free camping. Individual or group healings are being offered before and after class. Please call for additional information and pricing.

Save $54 with Early Registration by Sept 13th

For more details and pre-registration, contact:
(415) 702-5162 or (845) 742-8494

Donna Brickwood and Lou Ponig have a deepened relationship with connecting to the Earth, through the teachings of the Ancient Ways of Indigenous Knowledge, Primitive Skills, and Plant Wisdom. Their passion for healing, and the importance of sharing the Awareness of Sacred Relationship to the Land and People is the creation of this unique workshop.

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Apprentice at Headwaters